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THANK YOU so much for everyone who have given us such a warm welcome during our soft opening! We are working our way to finalize our food & drink menu... as well as outdoor dining ! We'd like to mention due to our small refrigeration capacity, we are not able to offer a massive menu which a Vietnamese Restaurant normally carries. We will offer a smaller menu and include a "Mama Kim's Special" which features a rotating "special dish" so we can continue to offer Traditional dishes without compromising our quality and capacity.

Example of specials are : Bun bo hue (spicy hue noodle soup), bun mang vit (bamboo duck noodle soup), banh xeo (Vietnamese crepe), banh cuon (steamed rice noodles with woodear mushroom), bun rieu (crab noodle soup), bun mam (anchovy noodle soup), canh ga nuoc mam (fish sauce garlic wings), cha gio (crispy egg rolls), and many many more!

Phone Number: (206_ 420-7954

Mon-Sun 10am-9pm 

Outdoor dining and later closing hour will be offered during Spring & Summer 

We are a mom & pop's restaurant featuring Vietnamese cuisine. Our family has been living in Beacon Hill since the 1980's and all the siblings have gone to Kimball Elementary school and ASA Mercer Middle School. Beacon Hill is very special to our family and we have opened Mekong Village and Meekong Bar so our menu may be familiar. We are very excited to embark on this journey and to serve our beloved neighborhood!

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